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About us! is a web development company that works with fitness professionals to create a bespoke website that meets their needs. We create this extremely high quality website for a low set up fee (£50) providing the individual or company is subscribed to our web package plan. All of the services that are included in the web package are listed below;

✓ Custom Free Website (Based on demo below)
✓ Fast and Reliable Web Hosting
✓ Domain Registration (i.e
✓ Email Setup (i.e
✓ Social Media Integration
✓ Extended Support

Our Services

Web Design

We will work with you to created a website that meets the needs of your personal training or fitness business.

Domain Registration

We will register a domain for your website.

Email Setup

We will set up and host an email address using the domain we have registered.

Web Hosting

We will host your website and emails from our fast and reliable servers.

Extended Support

We offer support for all of your services we supply.

Automatic Updates

Any software incorporated into your website will be automatically updated when newer versions are released.

Check the domain you want is available!


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