My Story

What got you into the fitness industry in the first place?

Growing up I was always overweight, struggling to shift the pounds. I loved playing football, but my weight always held me back. When I was 15, I started going to the gym and through this I completely transformed my physique and learnt a lot from those around me. Fitness then became my passion. So in 2017 I decided to take a plunge and completely change my career by becoming a PT and now doing what I love to do.

Of all the courses out there how come you chose to go with us?

I choose The PT Mentor UK due to it being a lot more of a personal and convenient course rather than classroom-based options. Being able to complete the course it in my own time, have my practical sessions in my local gym and do coursework from the comfort from my home was the biggest advantage.

Which parts of the course do you feel you’ve benefited from most?

Personally, I benefited most from Karl’s constant support. No question was ever too stupid, and he kept me motivated and on track to finish the course.


Now you’re qualified – what’s next/how’s it all started?

Since I’ve qualified, I started working at DW Fitness as a Personal Trainer and now building up my client base. I still have contact with my Tutor and on-going support from The PT Mentor UK to help me do this