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The PT Mentor UK does not hold any responsibility or liability for any injury, illness, loss or damage

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Please read all Terms and Conditions in this section before you enrol on any of our courses, qualifications or events as these will apply to all our offerings.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions at time of enrolment you are therefore agreeing to a contract with The PT Mentor UK. If this contract is broken, we hold the right to remove you from the given course, qualification or event. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Before agreeing to any Terms and Conditions please make sure you are signing up to the correct course, qualification or event. If you are not sure of the above, please call or email The PT Mentor UK and we can go over your available options.

If you agree to the Terms and Conditions and then realise you have enrolled on an incorrect course, qualification or event by mistake we will of course take this into account and put you onto the correct one.

Course Payment

Course payment is taken in several ways, upfront payment, half and half payment and monthly instalments.

Upfront payment you pay the entire cost upfront in one go. This can apply to courses, qualifications and events.

Half and half, you pay half of the total amount at point of enrolment and then the remaining half at the end of the course or qualification to release your certificate. This can apply to course and qualifications. In relation to events or other offerings where there is no certificate the remaining balance would need to be paid before attendance.

Monthly instalments will be agreed between you and a third-party company as part of a finance agreement. Please see the separate terms and conditions of the selected third-party company.

We use an invoicing system by WaveApps via Stripe. This will be emailed to the given email address and payment is then required before any course work/content will be sent out. The email will appear from The PT Mentor UK.

Please note that the finance, once agreed, is between you and the finance company themselves. All information on the policy will be sent to you that you will need to read and agree to. The PT Mentor UK are not in control of the finance or your agreement with that company. The PT Mentor UK are paid from the finance company and it is your responsibility to then pay them back. As we will receive payment from them for your course you may have the right to carry on with the course. Please contact us if you are in this situation to go over your options regarding the course, qualification or event only – not the finance itself.

Any upfront of half and half payment you are entitled to a 14-day cooling off period in which you can get a refund minus the registration and course material fee. See the cancellation section for full details.

This can be transferred to another course if taken up within a 1-year period from the date of enrolment to the exact date the following year. See the course deferral section for full details.

If you wish to discuss this in more details, please call or email The PT Mentor UK.


By signing your enrolment form, and/or agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing to undertake your course, qualification or event with The PT Mentor UK. You have the right to cancel providing we receive the request within 14 days of you agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

If within 14 days, the cost of your registration with the awarding organisation will be taken off the amount you have paid before a refund is issued. The amount to be deducted depends on the qualification that you are enrolling onto. This is due to The PT Mentor UK incurring a cost to register you as a learner with the awarding organisation that we do not get back.

After 14 days of signing, no cancellations are permitted, and no refunds will be given. You will however be able to defer the course to a later date or transfer the course to another person.

If you cancel within the 14 days, you must return all course materials supplied at your own expense. All items must arrive in the condition in which you received them, otherwise you will be charged their replacement value.

As we use a third-party payment system a refund will not be an instant transaction. You can contact us to track its process.

Course Deferral

You may defer you course for 1 year from the exact date you enrolled. If you have paid upfront and you wish to defer/pause your course, qualification or event participation then please do so by contacting us.

If this is within the 14-day cooling off period, we recommend you cancel the course and the awarding body registration fee will be kept on file for that 1-year time period.

If this is after the 14-day cooling off period, then the full amount will be kept, and you have 1 year to return. If the time frame continues over a 1-year time frame, then you will be required to pay the registration fee again as this is only kept for one year.

Half and half deferral will incur the additional registration fee, which will be added to your final payment, if this goes over the 1-year time limit.

Deferral of any finance agreement will need to be agreed between you and the finance company regarding payments. If you wish to defer your learning also, please bear in mind that the 1-year registration limit will apply and an additional cost, payable to The PT Mentor UK, that will apply before you can claim your certificate at the end of your course.

Coursework, exams, work submission and visits.

Coursework can be submitted in the following formats – written, typed then printed document, audio or video recorded. The format that applies will be explained by your Tutor for each section of the coursework it applies to. All formats must be validated as your own work. Written work may be questioned if the handwriting differs from piece to piece, each page of printed work must be signed by both the learner and the Tutor, audio must be introduced by the learner and again questioned if this does not sound like you, video recording must be approved by the centre prior to being carried out and both visual and audio quality must be of a high standard so we can see that you, the learner, are in the video and hear what is being said by those in the video for assessment purposes.

Exams can be multiple choice, practical or verbal depending on the unit they relate to. This will be explained in preparation for the given exam. All exams must be completed by the learner. Extra time, a reader and other special arrangements can be made via your Tutor if you have stated any special needs in relation to your course and or learning at time of enrolment.

Practical assessments you will need a person to complete the session with. This will be explained to you prior to your assessment. Generally, we advise you use the person that you have competed your coursework on. This is not essential, and you will not be marked down if your client is not the same person on the day, we know that not everyone can get the time off work to be your client at the time of your assessment. The PT Mentor UK cannot supply a client for you to use. It is your responsibility to bring someone.

Visits will take place at a time and venue agreed between the learner and the designated Tutor. When arranging these please consider what you will be doing at that appointment and select somewhere that is appropriate to the task in hand. If you cannot make the arranged appointment, please contact your Tutor as soon as possible to prevent possible travel by the Tutor.

Your coursework is your responsibility. Lost workbooks can be replaced at a fee to cover the workbook itself and postage to you, but lost work can not be replaced. If you are to post any coursework to your Tutor or the centre itself, we strongly advise that you make a copy of it prior to posting. We cannot enforce this, but we would also strongly advise that you send this recorded delivery or similar which will be paid at your own expense.

We are required to keep coursework, once submitted for auditing purposes. If you wish to keep any of your coursework please make copies prior to submission as it will not be return to you, the learner.

External Links

The PT Mentor UK list external links to third-party websites of companies that we think may benefit our audience. The PT Mentor UK are not responsible for any content or information within these third-party websites. Some views and opinions shared by these external companies may not be that of The PT Mentor UK and therefore please contact that company directly if you have any concerns.