My Story

How did you discover/get into health and fitness?

I discovered health and fitness a while ago now. I was very unfit and unhealthy and generally felt quite rubbish. So, I decided it was time for change and began going to the gym regularly. It helped me to develop a massive passion for what fitness can do for us, inside and out.


What first attracted you to do a course with us?

Firstly it was how flexible it was. Being able to learn when and where you choose is amazing. Having your Tutor work around you is something I feel lots of people will benefit from compared to other courses out there.

What parts of the course did you enjoy the most or find most useful?

Can I say all of it? Ha. I enjoyed the fact that everything was taken at my own pace. I was set clear targets to achieve and had extra support when needed through more regular meet ups with my Tutor. But also, the things I learnt like how to run my business. The PT Mentor UK even came up with my company name for me!


So, now you’ve been qualified for a short time how’s it all started?

Amazingly. So far, I have just over 30 one-to-one PT clients, I run a weekly bootcamp, which is always good fun with a great turnout, and I have just opened my very own PT studio which is built onto our property! Going forwards I aim to do more qualifications and to keep using the support systems to carry on learning and gaining even more knowledge.