Our Story

Our Story

Since March 2011 The PT Mentor UK founder, Karl Muir, has been delivering Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer qualifications and has worked for some of the largest providers in the country.

Even though these providers were known as the go to companies in the industry they were all missing one thing –

The course should be all about the learner.

Not only were learners given strict end dates to their courses, a date where they HAD to be finished by no matter what, they weren’t taught anything that would actually help them in their career such as marketing, sales and generally how to interact with potential clients.

It was all about making money and getting as many people in and out of the door as possible!

What if you needed more support and couldn’t complete your course by the end date? Tough.

What if you didn’t know what to do once qualified? Tough.

Too many people are being rushed through qualifications and not given the heads up about what’s to follow, this is where we want to be different from the rest and the reason why The PT Mentor UK was born.

Starting off as a one-man band The PT Mentor UK now has Tutors and Assessors up and down the country all with the same vision –

“We don’t want to just help you QUALIFY as a Personal Trainer, we want to help you BECOME a Personal Trainer.”

The team we employ share our belief in wanting to send highly skilled individuals into the industry by passing on the knowledge, and the tools, they need to exceed.

We do this by giving the highest standard, and most recognised, of qualification in the industry then guiding you into your new career by giving you –

– Ongoing support and guidance after your course

– Teaching you how to get started with branding, marketing and sales

– Offering additional courses to up skill along the way

A course should be all about you, the learner.

We should work around you and your timescale, not the other way around.

Need support? It’s there.

Need extra time? You’ve got it.

What do you do once qualified? We’ll teach you.

Our mission will never change, we’re hear to help you BECOME a Personal Trainer – not just give you a certificate, a pat on the back and wish you all the best!

After all…“Your success – is our aim.”

The PT Mentor UK.